A selection of articles by or about Zak Martin
* Some articles have been archived.

Are You Telepathic?.
Jacqui Deevoy

Zak To The Future
Zak Martin interviewed by Hot Press

And if you Want to Find a Psychic...
Nick Curtis, London Evening Standard

American Woman article on ESP development by Zak Martin

Kings of Crime
News of the World article about Zak Martin's psychic detection work.

Could You Be Psychic?
Excerpt from Psychic Counselling, by Liz Hodgkinson.

Instant ESP Enhancement
Basic advice on how to boost your ESP by Zak Martin.

Remote Viewing
A brief introduction to the subject of remote viewing.

Intuition and Creativity
Tara Fitzgerald

Mystery of the Force That Moves
Report on demonstration by Zak Martin of psychokinesis.

Premonição: Farejando desgraças
Leandro Steiw (Portuguese)

Parapsicologia ajuda Polícias
Article about Zak Martin's profiling work (Portuguese).

The Trouble with DNA Evidence
Article written by Zak Martin assessing the value of forensic DNA analysis.

The Perfect Murder
Article written by Zak Martin asking the question: Is modern forensic technology making it impossible for someone to get away with murder?

Zak Martin's Column NEW
Analysis and commentary on world events.

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