As a child, Zak Martin was a musical prodigy, able to play virtually every instrument expertly, despite never having received musical training of any kind. Over the years he has collaborated musically and creatively with some of the world's most highly acclaimed singers and musicians, particularly in his native Ireland, and he has written and co-written hundreds of songs and musical compositions. Artists he has advised, performed with, or collaborated creatively with have included Phil Lynott (Thin Lizzy), Phil Chevron (The Pogues, The Radiators from Space), Sam Obernik (Tim Deluxe, Linus Love, Tomcraft), Ton Ton Macoute (original band of Sinéad O'Connor) - and many others.
His songwriting covers a range of different genres, including pop, rock, grunge, country, folk, blues, jazz and classical.

"A Million Miles Away" - Rachel Murray

"Telescope" - Una Gibney cover (Polygram Ireland).

"Telescope" - Sarah Murray cover.

You Don't Love Me Now - Sam Obernik.

Zak Martin playing his own composition, "Catch the Light".

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