16 December 2020

The great vaccine scam strikes again!

For almost a century, doctors and pharmaceutical companies have been making claims for vaccines which, when you investigate them, turn out to be either completely false or impossible to verify.

Most people are under the impression that the common infectious diseases that plagued mankind in the 20th century were eradicated by vaccines. The truth is that in every single case the vaccine was introduced when the disease it was intended to prevent had already run its course and become largely innocuous. The death rates for tuberculosis, polio, whooping cough, typhoid, scarlet fever, diphtheria and so on had already declined to zero, or near zero, years before the vaccines for these diseases were developed. No vaccine has ever stopped an epidemic in its tracks.

The tail end of an epidemic is the vaccine industry's window of opportunity. The trick is very simple. Vaccine manufacturers are aware that viral epidemics have a natural life span, which is typically a year to fifteen months, and rarely longer than eighteen months. By the end of this period the virus will invariably have lost almost all of its deadliness, and most of the people who contract it will experience only mild symptoms, or no symptoms at all. In order for a vaccine to appear to be effective, therefore, it needs to be introduced just as the virus has finished running its course, but before the public has realised that the epidemic has ended. The tail end of an epidemic is the vaccine industry's window of opportunity.

This illusion is facilitated by two facts. First, there is a time lag between infection and death. People who contracted the virus months earlier, when it was more virulent, will still be dying, giving the perception that the virus is still deadly. And second, viruses tend to become more contagious as they become less deadly, which means that the number of new cases will typically increase as the epidemic draws to an end. The media always focus on the number of "new cases", while giving scant coverage to the declining death rate. The headline "Covid-19 death rate drops by 90%" never appeared on the front page of any newspaper, as far as I am aware, yet that is exactly what happened back in April in most countries. This emphasis on the number of "new cases" gives the illusion that the disease is still rife, when in reality it has lost most of its potency and almost reached the end of its course.

Vaccine manufacturers rely on the public's poor memory when they claim credit for eradicating epidemic diseases. People only remember that the disease disappeared around the same time the vaccine became available. They forget, or aren't aware, that fatality rates had reached zero before the vaccine was unpacked. In the case of the Covid-19 virus, the illusion has been further facilitated by the number of tests that have been carried out using a method that gives a high number of false positive results.

In the video below, Dr. Anthony Fauci, one of the world's leading experts on the coronavirus - who may actually have been involved in the development of Covid-19 - squirms when he is asked the question that is rarely asked: Will the vaccine only prevent me from getting sick, or will it prevent me from becoming infected?

"Even though we get vaccinated," he replies, "you still want to... until the level of virus in the community is so low... you want to do some things like wearing a mask."

Why? Why would anyone need to wear a mask if the vaccine worked? Why would the level of virus in the community matter? Either the vaccine gives immunity or it doesn't.

In fact it doesn't. Fauci goes on to acknowledge, reluctantly, that as far as anyone knows, the vaccine doesn't impart immunity, it merely reduces the severity of symptoms in those who become infected, and because they aren't coughing or sneezing - or because they have less virus in their nasopharynx, as he puts it - they are less likely to transmit the virus to other people. But if this is the case, what is the justification for the lockdowns? People experiencing symptoms could simply self isolate as they do when they have the flu.

The public has been told repeatedly that the biggest threat is from asymptomatic carriers - people who experience only mild or no symptoms, and those who have contracted the virus but have not yet developed symptoms - but now people are being asked to believe that the pandemic can be ended by creating millions of asymptomatic carriers through mass vaccination.

The truth is that the vaccine will have no effect at all on the Covid-19 death rate. It may or may not reduce the severity of symptoms in those who become infected, though the fact that it has been tested on people with no existing health issues in the 18-55 age group - the very cohort that has mild or no symptoms and virtually no deaths anyway - doesn't inspire confidence even in that claim. As always, the vaccine is going to protect people who don't need protection.

Once again a vaccine has been introduced to combat a pandemic that was about to disappear anyway; and once again medical science will be credited with saving millions of lives, when in reality its efforts to reduce the death rate and halt the spread of this disease have been a dismal failure.