4 December 2020

What everyone - apart from vaccine manufacturers - seems to have forgotten about epidemics

No vaccine has ever stopped a viral epidemic in its tracks. Vaccines only become available when the disease they are aimed at preventing has already run its course and the death rate has dropped to negligible or "background" level.

Viral epidemics typically last for a year to 15 months, becoming less deadly but more infectious as they spread. This was the case with every previous coronavirus. SARS, MERS, Swine flu, Hong Kong flu and Spanish flu all went away after a year or so. Even the Black Death - the most deadly viral epidemic in human history - ran its course in a year and a half.

It is important to note that these epidemics and pandemics receded of their own accord. They were not eradicated by vaccines or medical interventions of any kind.

All viral epidemics have a natural life span, and disappear after a year or so. It would be wrong to say that they go away, because no virus disappears completely; but they fade into the background and become largely innocuous and insignificant. Some viruses mutate and become seasonal, recurring infections - flu, measles etc - but always in a weaker, less deadly form than the original.

It tends to be forgotten - by everyone except vaccine manufacturers - that viral epidemics have been appearing and disappearing for millions of years. They serve an evolutionary role, challenging our natural immunity and forcing it to adapt and improve.

The Covid-19 virus can be traced back to November 2019, and possibly a month or two earlier. Which means that the pandemic has been running for more than a year now. Of course it is still dangerous, and more people will die in the weeks and months ahead, but it has essentially run its course, at least in the developed world. The appearance of the vaccine is proof of this. Vaccine manufacturers are well aware of the natural trajectory of viral epidemics, and they know that the Covid-19 virus is on the point of disappearing into the sunset. A glance at the global stats confirms this.

In the future, doctors will claim that Covid-19 was eradicated by the vaccine, a claim they make for every infectious disease that came and went of its own accord. Deaths from whooping cough, diphteria, tuberculosis, measles and polio had all dropped to near zero level before the vaccines for these diseases were introduced. Yet most people - including doctors - are under the impression that they were eradicated by vaccines.

The truth is that the vaccine for Covid-19 will make no difference whatsoever to the death rate. The statistics will prove this, but nobody cares about statistics or facts. Fear and superstition go hand in hand, and fear has reached the level of hysteria this year, largely thanks to the scare-mongering tactics of the corporate media.

Millions of people queue up to get the flu jab every year, despite the fact that research has shown categorically that it has no effect at all on the number of hospitalizations and deaths from flu. The vaccine doesn't work, but nobody cares. The same thing will happen with the Covid-19 vaccine. It will have no effect on the death rate, but millions of people will submit to it anyway, and get entirely useless and potentially injurious "booster shots" every year.

The Covid-19 pandemic will soon be over, at least in the West (epidemic diseases tend to linger and become endemic in poor countries where malnutrition, poor sanitation and so on leave people with little or no immunity to disease). The only long-term danger of the Covid-19 pandemic is that governments and other organisations, such as the Bill Gates Foundation and the World Economic Forum, which are already influencing government policy decisions in many countries, will use it to justify the introduction of laws and measures which support and advance their own financial and ideological agendas. These organisations and individuals have a vested interest in keeping the Covid "crisis" running indefinitely, regardless of the reality on the ground. Their activities need to be strongly opposed, and their ideologies debunked.